Nature’s Miracle: Forgiveness

I haven’t had a lot of time to write lately. It’s the same excuse most of us have at the start of Winter: the Holidays. It couldn’t possibly be the two extra dogs in the house, who, in their first two or three weeks with us, were too shelter-shocked to do much more than sleep and eat, but, of late, have taken to mad romps across sofa, stairs and pool table (yes, Duke has been found standing on the pool table of a morning, surveying his territory).

However, before I take off for a day of galavanting (read: running errands), I have this thought:

If dogs have taught me anything, it’s that love is often measured in ounces of forgiveness (and Nature’s Miracle, the stain and odor remover)

I realize my audience may respond with a collective, “duh,” about the correlation between love and forgiveness, but how often are we truly struck with that correlation? Because, when I was hosing down floor, pet gate, dogs and toys this morning after an altercation over most-beloved-purple-Kong-Wubba that led to micturition — of the voluminous sort, subsequently tracked about in the melee — I found myself chuckling, petting heads and soothing hurt feelings, rather than scolding and shooing pups out the back door.  I have lost count of how much Nature’s Miracle and hydrogen peroxide we’ve used over the last month, while the ratio of pounds of dog food to pounds of dog poop has become the subject of side bets, math problems and good humor. That the myriad of inconveniences involved in fostering has become joke fodder is evidence of the miracle of forgiveness extended by and to all members of my household, two- and four-legged alike. We are awash in forgiveness.


This post brought to you by “Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover: permanently eliminates all stains & odors – even urine odors other products fail to remove. Guaranteed or your money back!” Available in a convenient one gallon refill.


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  1. Yes! Ah, the forgiveness that lies within each of us can sometimes be hard to find when the pooches run amuck. I love my princess more than I can say, and every time she does something “bad” or has an accident (and the older she gets the more frequent the accidents)…the sad eyes (and heart-melting articulation of her eye brows) makes me realize she needs assurance and compassion, not angry or aggressive scolding. And I’m the better for it! I feel better (read: less stressed or frustrated) when I’m extending compassion than when I’m angry. So thank you to all Canis familiaris for helping me tap into my compassion and forgiveness for all life. 🙂